Modernize outdated user experience

The original UI/UX missed some essential features and was inconsistent, to it hindered affordances and accessibility. Our goal is to build a user-friendly experience with a comprehensive design system.



Find Issues

Discover the problems and define objectives

Scrutinize all UI/UX of products and analyze what is not working. Our team also creates a customer journey which includes interactions with different departments. And we collect user feedback to support the decisions.

Investigate UX Issues

Customer Journey

Build Foundation

Build consistent standards and guidelines

Before I joined, we didn't have a design system, so my top priority to redesign the new UI and build a design system simultaneously.

  • Foundations — colors, typogrophy and grid system
  • Components and layout patterns
  • React.js component library

Admin Experience

Clarify the functions and task flows for data management

The original UI lack of clear indications and task flows, so users sometimes feel overwhelmed and lost. We break down the pain points and rebuild the information hierarchy and user interface.


  • Main Navigation

    Add blue highlight indicator to mark current section.

  • Title / Toolbar

    Use breadcrumbs to show location and centralize the global functions.

  • Secondary Navigation

    Reorganize and separate the content with clearer side navigation.

List / Table

  • Search / Toolbar

    Put search function for all lists.

  • Filters

    Redesign filters to easier to find results.

  • Data Rows

    Implement sorting, partially section and dropdown menu of each row.

  • Pagination

    Refine pagination with “Go to the page” / “Rows per page” features.

Dashboard / Data Visualization

Collect deals from services and organize them into categories, which are easily navigated.

End User Experience

Keep the experience simple and intuitive

For an app used by a variety of different people every day, our priority is to reduce the unnecessary visual burden and to focus on keeping the task flow as simple as possible.


Access all the company and personal apps with keyboard-friendly controls.

Portal Mobile App

The mobile portal which is redesigned for an "on-the-go" experience.


An authentication app is designed for extra security and a clean notification system.

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