Future of work in the modern enterprise

Reimagine Oracle Content and Document services with new ways to manage digital assets and to connect to people with cloud technology. We summarized three areas to focus on.

  • Personal Productivity
  • Connected
  • Insigts
  • Personal Productivity

    Embrace mobility and digital assistants paradigms to improve personal productivity.

  • Connected

    Connect people and content to business applications and provide intelligent prioritization.

  • Insights

    Understand and use valuable information to improve engagement and interactions.


Dig into the focus area

  • Personal Productivity

    • Focus – calendar integration, mobile notifications
    • Mobile integrations – mobile first, voice search, voice message etc.
    • Boards – Personalized curated content
    • Automate repetitive process
  • Connected

    • Boards – Share curated content with the extended enterprise
    • Integrated with business applications
    • 3rd party Webhook integrations
  • Insights

    • Content analytics at micro level – e.g. page/slide time spent, drop off points etc.
    • Content & people recommendations
    • Easy search and filter facilitating faceted navigation


Rapidly sketch, adjust, prototype, and test

We quickly explored several ideas about how to present the information. After experimenting some layouts, we decided to use waterfall style interface combined with columns.


Polish the details and evolve

After designing the basic task flows, we continued to refine the details and develop new features and mobile phone app.

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