Move forward to cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure supports traditional workloads and delivers modern cloud development tools.

  • Brand new UI/UX design
  • Integration Cloud Service
  • API Platform
  • Brand New UI/UX design

  • Integration Cloud Service

  • API Platform

New Design System

Build new modern design system from scratch

The original design is a little outdated and lack of consistent documentation. We build a new design system and guideline website.

  • Standard colors and typography
  • Consistent compoments guidelin
  • Icon library

Integration Cloud Service

Intuitive user experience with no coding

portal / navigation / List

Organized and clear information to guide users to easily find where they need.

Integration Flow Designer

Simplify the process of making integration by visualizing the interactive components.

API Platform

Streamline interface of implementing and monitoring APIs

The concept is to craft clear flows for API creation process and rich visualized tracking tools. We separated the tasks and settings into several categories and sorted them by workflow sequence.

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